• AP coalition against TB and health Issues – APCATH
  •   RISE initiated several issue based networks or forums to address the proposed issue with local resources. Consciously, RISE promoted networks and facilitated them with long term goal as follows.
      Andhra Pradesh Coalition against TB & Health Issues – APCATH: This coalition was initiated in 2003 and mobilized support from DFID through TB Alert UK. This project was implemented by 36 Coalition Member Organizations.
  • Andhra Pradesh Peoples Forum for Land Rights – APFLR
  •  CRISE has promoted APFLR as a lead NGO with set of likeminded NGOs in Southern districts of Andhra Pradesh. It was formed in 2004 and successfully built good working relation with Ministry of Revenue, Government of Andhra Pradesh. APFLR played vital role of Advocacy and lobbying and significantly mobilized 42000 acres of land for 23,000 families in the region. RISE handed over this coalition to next line leader to carry forward the functions.
  • Network Efforts for Tribal Rights and Advancement – NETRA
  •  Having rich experience with tribal groups in Andhra Pradesh, RISE promoted NETRA network along with likeminded working groups in tribal areas. To gear up the qualitative interventions for tribal, RISE provided several frame works, working strategies and usage of tools for increasing the qualitative approaches in tribal development. As a collective, NETRA made efforts to influence tribal department, NABARD and local banks to evolve action plans with special focus of tribal.
  • Rastra Chenetha Karmika Samakya
  •  RISE has initiated district handloom weavers union in chittoor and pressurized state authorities to extend welfare schemes to all the weaver families rather than confining to only weavers in cooperative fold. As a process RCKS taken various forms of activities to materlize above said activities. As a result we mobilized 7000 house/work sheds for the weavers in the state specifically for the weavers in outside cooperatives. Secondly RCKS made efforts to link with weaver’s service center – Vijayawada in order to organize skill upgradtion program for the weavers. RISE has played vital role in the district to mobilize and utilize maximum welfare schemes such as house/work sheds, insurance, helath checkup and old age pensions etc… In other hand RCKS taken a lead to promote new handloom cooperatives and enrolled new members in existing cooperatives.
  • District Child Rights Forum, chittoor – DCRFC
  •  RISE has promoted DCRFC with local NGOs, Journalists, advocates, teachers and interested indivivuals. The members of the forum use to visit the villages wherever any atrocity occurred on child, they will collect the information and submit the fact finding report to the concerned authorities for extend to the child.