Child Care
Child Care and Protection
  • Prevention of children in dedication / mathamma cult
  •   Mathamma is a degradation form of devedasi cult, prevailing in Chittoor and Nellore districts. RISE done action research on this theme at district level and found fascinating data. RISE has taken the responsibility to lobbying with concerned district authorities for providing rehabilitation measures to the needy mathammas.
      To prevent second generation not to get in to the trap of dedication process, RISE promoted Mahatma Phooley vidya Kendra, a residential School for girl children in jogini families.
     This school is commemorated the social contribution of Mahatma Jyothy rao phooley. This school was started in 1999 and provided educational support for 468 students and linking them in to mainstream education. For these children, we provided beside academic education, life skills, values social exposure, leadership, vocational training and developed self-esteem. This school was organized for more than a decade and successfully main streaming them in different educational centers, also we done social reintegration with dignity in their native communities.
  • Anti-child marriages
  •  Child Marriage are predominantly increasing in Chittoor and Nellore districts, we found most of the child marriages are from dalit, tribal and rural poor families Thousands of the child marriages are taking place on the occasion of sivaratri Festival at Srikalahasti. RISE was facilitating group of Likeminded NGOs and formed district anti Child Marriage forum. The CEO of Stree Sakthi Sanghatana became a convener for this program and launched SAGA of struggle against Child marriages.
      During these 4 years this district forum successfully stopped 120 child marriages and put the girls in to the rehabilitation centers. Meanwhile this forum used different cultural forms and launched campaign against child marriages by covering 240 villages. With the assistance of state Advocates forum filed a case in supreme court against child marriages. In other hand provided all evidential documents to the human rights commission to take necessary action to stop the child marriages in the district.
     Human rights commission appointed a single man committee represented Justice Krishnam Raju Garu by high court. RISE has presented the victims of child marriages in front of the committee and shared there painful life stories. District forum handed over video documents to the committee, which is consisting with special interviews of different stake holders. Finally this committee warned the district authorities and suggested a set of recommendations in order to prevent them strictly now onwards. The significant outcome of the district forum is concern authorities formed joint action committee to involve in prevention and protection of child at distress and if necessary law enforcement taken place in this regard.
  • Campaign against trafficking
  •  The shocking statement by the eminent peoples that Andhra Became a number one state in supplying girl and women in to sex trade. In spite of having a vigorous police action, still trafficking is alarming. Both soft and hard trafficking is increasing day by day and most of the legal actions make them further vulnerable. RISE taken the responsibility to prevent and protect these trafficking victims, RISE involved in back to home program for these rescued girls form Delhi, Mumbai and Pune. Till now 2005 totally 72 girls are used the shelter of RISE and put them in the native families after counseling the parents and family members.
     RISE also launched campaign against the trafficking in collaboration with women and child welfare department in chittoor district. The emphasis given to adolescent girls, police, people representatives. In this campaign 6250 adolescent girls and 230 mother committees are participated in the campaign process. This program was supported by IOM India.
  • Mainstreaming child labour
  •  RISE is involving in child rights campaign form 1994, subsequently, RISE has Successfully mobilized, National child labor project, from 1997 through district authorities. As a part of this Project, RISE identified child labor in different slums of Tirupathi and organized the school with mid day meal. In each year RISE enrolled 50 students and provided educational support. This project was implemented till 2007. The entire project was covered nearly 700 students for providing basic education.   Subsequently, we admitted more than 315 students with main stream education. In other hand the CEO of RISE participated National Level TOT on child Rights at VV.Giri National Labor Institute, Noida, UP. Later RISE became a resource organization to provide trainings for other NGOs and civil societies on child rights.
  • Child line project of collab organization
  •  Child line India foundation, ministry of women and Child Development, New Delhi sanctioned RISE as collob organization in Chittoor district.
     A child friendly nation that guarantees the rights and protection of all children.
      CHILD LINE will reach out to every child in need and ensure their rights and protection through the following
     11 Manadals, 2 municipalities and 1 corporation in Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh.
    • Outreach and awareness
    • Networking meetings
    • Open house meetings
    • Workshops with allied departments
    • Sensitization meetings at Schools
     During this period project has organized various awareness programs, with in the selected intervention areas with the assistance of different stakeholders.
    Coordination with Allied departments and NGOs
    • 52 cases were dealt with police departments
    • With the collaboration of ICDS 8 cases were protected from abuse
    • In collaboration with Health department, medical support was provided for 15 cases
    • 4 children are rehabilitated in Sisuvihar Chittoor
    • 3 Mentally Retarded cases was referred to Tirupati Abhyaksetram and I MR case are referred to Nellore PRGATHI organizations
    • 2 girl children referred to Government welfare hostels
    Case intervention details
    Types of cases Total
    Medical 15
    Shelter 15
    Protection from Abuse 46
    Missing child cases 68
    Child lost cases 10
    Parents asking cases 04
    Total 158
     RISE has organized awareness programs to deprived communities, poor people, disadvantaged groups, slum - dwellers, tribal communities. The following awareness activities are taken in the project area. A. Awareness programs Population
    1 Schools and Hostels 21500
    2 SHG meeting 10805
    3 Transport ( bus stand and Railway station) 2047
    4 Unions and NGOS 1205
    5 General Police and Railway 1178 B. Sensitization of allied Depts
    1 ICDS staff 1633
    2 Hospital staff 484
    3 MRO/MPDO staff 610