About Us
Our Origin
A group of young and committed activists came together and expressed the desire of promoting social organization for up-liftment of deprived communities in rural and urban slums. They decided to promote an NGO to break through the conventional functions of NGO by adopting different strategic plans in order to make people as ‘subjects ‘in the process of new paradigm of development. Theycoined our NGO as RISE and evolved a set of principles, values and focused areas of people constituency. Very broadly intend to work with marginalized and vulnerable groups in the society.

RISE was registered in 1984 and initiated its intervention from1985. Mean while RISE was identified as regional resource center in-order to build concepts and capacities among grass root NGOs with the support of Society of Participatory Research in Asia – PRIA, New Delhi. In other hand the Chief functionary of RISE served as faculty for SEARCH institute, Bangalore.
Eventually HEKS, Zurich and Community Aid Abroad – CAA Australia, initiated financial support to undertake various developmental programs for long term. Broadly RISE has focused on importance of justice and development.
Rise Chronolgogy
Period Activity
1984 to 1988 Building Model Villages
1989 to 1993 As Regional Resource center built capacities & concepts for grass root NGOs & CBOs
1990 to 1998 Promoting and networking pressure groups for social justice
1995 to 2007 Facilitating Tribal groups for Land Rights
1996 to 1998 Water & soil Conservation and promoting sustainable Agriculture
1996 to 2006 Elimination of Child Labour
1999 to 2006 Care and protection for Women & Children in dedication cult (Devadasi Cult)
2000 to 2008 Organizing Yanadi Tribes for food security
2000 to 2014 Health Interventions to reduce the spread of TB, HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Filaria and Leprosy in the Southern Districts of Andhra Pradesh
2012 to 2013 Extended care and protection to child at distress/risk with the support of Child Line India Foundation ( as Collab organization at tirupathi)
2014 to 2018 Rise director was appointed as chair person of child welfare committee – CWC for chittoor district in order to address issues of child need care and protection with first class magisterial powers.
2018 to 2019 organizing trainings and workshops for child care institutes, CDPOs and child rights NGOs on JJ(CPC) Act – 2015 and POCSO Act – 2012 in the district.
Geographical Coverage
  • RISE is directly implementing program in 18 revenue mandals of chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh with different communities.
  • RISE as lead NGO facilitated the network of APFLR consisting with 14 NGOs in 4 districts (chittoor, Kadapa, Nellore and Prakasam ) of Andhra Pradesh.
  • RISE is as a lead NGO covered in 46 Designated Microscopic Centers(DMCs) with 36 NGOs in 6 districts (Anantapur, chittoor, Kadapa, Nellore, Prakasam and Kurnool) of southern Andhra Pradesh.
People of Our Concern

A. Marginalized community :

  • Agricultural labour, Tribal, Dalith, Women, Artisans, occupational groups and Migrant workers

B. Vulnerable Groups Mathangi (Devadasi) :

  • Victims of commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking - VOCSET
  • Child victims (Missing child, abused child, street children, orphan child etc)
  • HIV/AIDS Infected and Affected
  • Diseased groups
Our Strategies
  • Promoting pressure-groups/CBOs
  • Networking
  • Advocacy Lobbying
  • Collaboration with Government
  • Demand driven
  • Campaigns
  • Building Social Capital
Values and Principles

RISE encourages the following values to be practiced both at individual and organizational level.

  • Honesty/open mindedness
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Mutual respect
  • Gender sensitiveness
  • Cost efficiency
  • Participation
  • Self-confession (introspection, self-evaluation)
Guiding Principles
  • Utilization of local wisdom and resources.
  • Encouragement of innovation and creativity.
  • Prioritizing quality.
  • Enhancing coordination and networking.
  • Accepting challenges
  • Participation
  • People - centered intervention